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Drs. Martin Humburg

T +31 43 388 25 96
F +31 43 388 49 14
E m.humburg@maastrichtuniversity.nl


Martin Humburg is a PhD-student at the Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA)at Maastricht University. He studied International Relations in Berlin, Paris, Dresden and Lille and holds a Master degree in International Relations from Free University Berlin (2006). Before joining ROA, Martin worked as a research associate at the Central Evaluation and Accreditation Agency Hannover (ZEvA) where he managed quality audits of higher education study programmes. His PhD thesis focuses on the role of skills in graduates' transition from higher education to work. As a ROA researcher, Martin is currently involved in the OECD PIAAC project, the Cedefop Skillsnet network on skill forecasting and a EU-funded project on employers' perspective on graduate employability.


Jim Allen and Rolf van der Velden (eds.), Competencies and Early Labour Market Careers of Higher Education Graduates, Final Report of the HEGESCO Large Scale Graduate Survey, 2009.

Recent papers

Martin Humburg & Rolf van der Velden (2014), Skills and the graduate recruitment process: Evidence from two discrete choice experiments, ROA-RM-2014/2, Maastricht University.

Martin Humburg (2014), Personality and field of study choice, ROA-RM-2014/1, Maastricht University.

M. Humburg & R. van der Velden (2013), What is expected of higher education graduates in the 21st century?, ROA-RM-2013/13, Maastricht University.

Martin Humburg, Andries de Grip, Rolf van der Velden (2012). Which skills protect graduates against a slack labour market? ROA Research Memorandum 2012/1, Maastricht, ROA.

Martin Humburg, The Open Method of Coordination and European Integration. The Example of European Education Policy, Berlin Working Paper on European Integration No. 8, June 2008.

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