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Ben Kriechel

T +46 8 163 452
+46 8 154 670

Ben Kriechel is managing partner at Economix Research & Consulting in München (D). He is expert in labour market research and research methodology. He is specialized in personnel and labour economics, education economics using economic theory, empirical methods, and qualitative techniques. Ben Kriechel has taught courses in personnel and labour economics, research methodology and econometrics.

Ben Kriechel graduated ('cum laude') from Maastricht University, where he also obtained his PhD. His Ph.D. research focused on large scale displacement of workers combining firm-level and survey data. He has been visiting Brandeis University, the NORC at the University of Chicago, and the IZA in Bonn. Ben Kriechel has worked on topics in personnel economics, worker displacement, labour mobility and skills forecasting.



Other affiliations:
IZA, Bonn
Scottish Economic Society (Council)