The Netherlands Cohort Study on Education

The National Education Cohort Study

Research leader:

Haelermans, C

Research team: Sabine Baumann (ROA), Ineke Bijlsma (ROA), Willemijn Havermans (ROA), Arnold Hendrikse (ROA), Timo Huijgen (ROA), Madelon Jacobs (ROA), Mélanie Monfrance (ROA), Chayenne Smeets (ROA), Lynn van Vugt (ROA), Sanne van Wetten (ROA)

The Netherlands Cohort Study on Education (Dutch abbreviation: ‘NCO’) maps pupils’ pathways through education and their trajectory into tertiary education using combined register data from several sources, including the Dutch Ministry of Education, tax registries, unemployment administrations, and Statistics Netherlands. This study is instigated and financed by the Netherlands Organization for Scientific Research (NWO), specifically by the Netherlands Initiative for Education Research (NRO). Furthermore, it will include longitudinal performance data on high stakes math and reading tests based on registers from schools and integrate large-scale surveys (e.g. PISA, TIMMS) and modular surveys on socio-emotional state, soft skills, citizenship, etc. This database is used for scientific research, policy evaluation and quality assurance in education. Annually 10.000 confidential school reports are produced for every school in primary and secondary education to inform school boards, school leaders, teachers, and quality control staff about the performance of students in their school as well as the outcomes after they leave school. The study is coordinated by Carla Haelermans.

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