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Learning and Work Hybrid Seminars, Maastricht University, SBE, Autumn 2023

Our regular Tuesday hybrid seminar series (from 12:00 to 13:00, onsite and also via zoom) features researchers from different disciplines, with focuses on both academic and policy issues.

L&W hybrid seminar organizers

Raymond Montizaan:
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Upcoming seminars

When: Tuesday September 26
Where: On-campus @TS53 C-1.03 / Online (Zoom)

Presenter: Therese Grohnert (Maastricht University)
Title: Leveraging the Power of HRM for Organizational Learning: A Meta-Analysis of Learning Culture and Orientation, Learning Capabilities, Innovation and Performance 

Abstract: Decades of research has explored how organizational learning relates to outcomes like innovation and performance, positioning HRM as an integral driver of learning. Based on the organizational learning chain framework, this study synthesizes findings from 261 studies (200,829 participants, 592 effect sizes) across a range of domains and industries to quantify the relationships between organizational learning culture and orientation, learning capabilities, HRM, and organizational outcomes. Meta-analytic path analyses show that learning culture and orientation relate positively and significantly to innovation (28% of variance explained) and performance (19% explained) directly, as well as indirectly through learning capabilities (explaining 30% and 19% of variance, respectively). HRM was found to be inextricably linked to both learning culture/orientation and learning capabilities, explaining 10% - 27% of variance in the other concepts. These findings are robust across sub-concepts, industries, national contexts, and firm sizes, informing both management practice and future research.

03.10.2023 - Bart Cockx (University of Gent) - Room: On-campus @TS53 A1.22 / Online (Zoom)
10.10.2023 - Femke Cnossens (University of Groningen) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
17.10.2023 - Anneloren Verhagen (OECDE) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
24.10.2023 - Hans Grönqvist (Linnaeus University) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
31.10.2023 - t.b.d.
07.11.2023 - Patrick Arni (Bristol University) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
14.11.2023 - t.b.d. (IAB) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
21.11.2023 - Francesco Vona (University of Milan) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
28.11.2023 - t.b.d. (IAB) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
05.12.2023 - Steffen Altmann (University of Hohenheim) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)
12.12.2023 - Enrica Croda (Foscari University) - Room: On-campus @TS53 / Online (Zoom)

Previous seminars

12.09.2023 - Resilience to the COVID-19 Pandemic: Student Performance in Dutch Higher Education by Mariët Bogaard (Maastricht University/ MILE)

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